Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet - Star Series - HEAD OF HYDRUS (Hydrus)CAPELLA (Auriga)

Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet - Star Series - HEAD OF HYDRUS (Hydrus)

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As a child, i used to LOVE the stars...I used to lay down in my parents garden, staring at the sky, at night, finding out all those sparkle pictures that were there, warming the night...That was when my father decided to teach me about the Constellations..He offered me a telescope and every single night the two of us would sneak peak our sparkling friends...

PureEssentia Fall/Winter Collection is, in this way, a tribute to the sparkling memories of my childhood and to the STARS! Every single bracelet will be named after a star, the brighter (or one of the brightest) of every Constellation.

Tiny swarovkis are perfect to mimic the stars in a perfect autumn/ winter night. 

With a couple of hundreds swarovskis, all hand setted, this bracelet - HEAD OF HYDRUS - is also made using authentic swarovskiS in a very beautiful colors: chrysolite, green, fuschia, jet black, rose, black diamond and crystal ab. It's also lined with buttery suede to garantee a very confy fit.

With a remarckable shine, this beauty will capture everyone's attention, making you feel that you have a piece of the night sky on your wrist...

A ooak luxurious arm candy.


HEAD OF HYDRUS (Alpha Hydrus) This constellation, the Hydrus, is positioned near the South Pole, at the southern end of the river Eridanus. It represents the male Hydrus, from Greek hudros, a water-snake. Head of Hydrus is it's alpha star.


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